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In a market characterized by a continuous evolution of computer and electronic Technologies, used for new applications development or for the renewal of existing systems, ZENITH AUTOMAZIONE, ZENITH ELETTRA and ALPHA DEC, , companies belonging to a unique industrial group, develop complete ready-to-use solutions and offer a highly qualified consultancy support, in the field of monitoring and control systems integration for the industrial environment.

ZENITH AUTOMAZIONE develops automation solutions for machines, plants and entire production departments.

ALPHA DEC is specialized for projects of data processing and management,.

ZENITH ELETTRA designs and builds electrical cabinets, providing also on site cabling.

ZENITH AUTOMAZIONE, ZENITH ELETTRA and ALPHA DEC have acquired complementary competencies and operate according to an integrated approach, exploiting the knowledge of the industrial sector and the mastering of both hardware and software, to offer to the Customers a very complete service.