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Zenith Elettra

ZENITH ELETTRA, founded in 2008, operates successfully in design and construction of electrical panels for industry. It's specialized in: 

  • instrumental and eletrical panel
  • switchgear Automation based on logic power
  • switchgear Automation based on programmable logic
  • electro pneumatic panels
  • batteries running under EEX-d
  • metalmechanical


ZENITH ELETTRA desings and builds panels for industry marked CE e complied with the directives 73/23/CEE, 89/336/CEE, 39/68/CEE, and technical standards CEI EN60439-1, CEI EN60204-1 and italian technical standard CEI 17-43. It ensures panels with degree of protection up to IP 65, NEMA 4.


Panels could be built on client project or by internal engineering technical studio. Every eletrical panel is accompained by a technical file that containscopies of electric screen, material lists, any overtemperature calculations, final testing and declaration of conformity.

ZENITH ELETTRA takes care also of the aesthetic aspect of electrical cabinets realisation:

  • a well done cabinet is easier to be "understood" as components are tidely placed and well indentified according to groups
  • is easier to modify in case of need
  • in a well done cabinet hardly will we have spoils due to false contacts or to a wore out cable.

ZENITH ELETTRA for realization of electrical and mechanical design, material lists, uses systems: 

  • E-CAD

Isolation, electric strength, electric-equopotential resistance to earth and residual voltage tests are made by multifuncional instrument FULLTEST HT 2036. Certificates and final testing are written in the language of the user.